la rentrée / back to school / penn-kentañ

La rentrée is a big deal. Parents across France return from their vacations in time to prepare their children for the start of the new school year. When I arrived in France, almost two weeks ago, there were la rentrée sales going on everywhere, for children’s clothing and school supplies, and news programs were filled with reports on the big event—from new university dorms made out of containers to children starting new schools.

The exact date of la rentrée varies from region to region in France, but in Brittany, classes started a week ago. My school starts tomorrow, so I’ve been getting ready. Don’t know what it’ll be like….


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Madeleine Adkins

I'm a linguist and a writer, with a passion for the Breton language, Celtic languages in general, and endangered language communities who engage in revitalization efforts. I've published some articles about the Breton language situation in some academic journals, and I'm planning to publish more in the near future. I spent most of the last decade moving around--first to Santa Barbara (grad school), then Colorado (teaching), and then Brittany (researching the Breton language revitalization movement and improving my Breton speaking skills)--and now I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area. Even though I am living far from Brittany at this point, I still keep in touch with my friends and colleagues in the Breton-speaking world, and I'm still involved in language revitalization issues.

5 thoughts on “la rentrée / back to school / penn-kentañ”

  1. Saludoù hag yec’hed mat! I’m super proud of you (a touch jealous) and wish you every success on this adventure. Do you have an RSS feed turned on? Official request to include LOTS of Brezhoneg example in your post, please!

    1. Thanks, Britton!
      That’s cool that you know some Breton! And yes, it makes sense that your name is related. Your family from these parts?
      I don’t know about the RSS feed–don’t know all the ins and out of wordpress yet, and very little internet access. I’ll try and find out, or if you can point me in the right direction, that’d be great. Yes, definitely including lots of Brezhoneg in the future….

      1. By chance I tried the RSS and it’s already functioning at:

        I’ve added the feed to my e-mail client, so now I’ll see it immediately whenever you create a new post.

        I don’t really know any Breton, but I really like the krampouezhenn at Ti Couz in San Francisco. 😉

        I am of partial French Huguenot descent, but the name is actually from the Britton Family and specifically my ancestor, Elizabeth Britton. It all goes back to to the same Insular Celtic language roots. Long way back.

        I’ll go study the pronunciation so that I’ll be able to remember what you’re writing.

        Best of luck with everything!

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