Kastell Keragan

Kastell Keragan--one of the many sights I enjoyed Sunday morning.

Sunday morning, I decided to take the coastal route to the market in central Plañwour (Ploemeur), even though the market is not on the coast. It took me two hours to get to the market, but I saw many wonderful things along the way…beaches, a megalith, ancient crosses, and the old fortress in Keragan (Fort-Bloqué).


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Madeleine Adkins

I'm a linguist and a writer, with a passion for the Breton language, Celtic languages in general, and endangered language communities who engage in revitalization efforts. I've published some articles about the Breton language situation in some academic journals, and I'm planning to publish more in the near future. I spent most of the last decade moving around--first to Santa Barbara (grad school), then Colorado (teaching), and then Brittany (researching the Breton language revitalization movement and improving my Breton speaking skills)--and now I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area. Even though I am living far from Brittany at this point, I still keep in touch with my friends and colleagues in the Breton-speaking world, and I'm still involved in language revitalization issues.

2 thoughts on “Kastell Keragan”

  1. I wrote something about Rex for a Union-Tribune email communication that gets sent out daily — it’s called the 919 Gang, and I don’t know why. Rex’s friend Dave Feldman got me onto the list. If you want to see it, email Jack R to ask him to see today’s notice (Nov. 1).
    Hope things are settling down for you in France — I only had time to scan your blog & it sounds fascinating.

    It was good to see you and meet “J”. Take care and let me know if you’re ever in San Diego.

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