Date and nut triskele

Photo by Madeleine Adkins

In my class, a different  student bakes a mid-morning snack for everyone each Monday–a tradition that my classmates came up with.

This week was my turn, and I made date and nut bread, something my grandmother had taught me to make when I was young. And I baked the dough in my new triskele mold. They turned out great, and everyone seemed to enjoy them. It turned out to be a great way to blend happy childhood memories and my current focus on all things Breton.


Published by

Madeleine Adkins

I'm a linguist and a writer, with a passion for the Breton language, Celtic languages in general, and endangered language communities who engage in revitalization efforts. I've published some articles about the Breton language situation in some academic journals, and I'm planning to publish more in the near future. I spent most of the last decade moving around--first to Santa Barbara (grad school), then Colorado (teaching), and then Brittany (researching the Breton language revitalization movement and improving my Breton speaking skills)--and now I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area. Even though I am living far from Brittany at this point, I still keep in touch with my friends and colleagues in the Breton-speaking world, and I'm still involved in language revitalization issues.

2 thoughts on “Date and nut triskele”

  1. Hi madeleine,
    I knowIm commenting on a past blog post and I hope you’re still writing, but can you tell me where can I get one of these beautiful triskele moulds to send across to Australia? You did such a good job on baking these biscuits, you’ve encouraged me to make them! Happy New Year by the way,
    Kind regards, Therese

    1. Hi Therese,

      Sorry for not replying sooner–I didn’t know I had a comment waiting for me, and I haven’t been blogging lately!

      I bought that triskele mold at Coop Breizh, a Celtic store that’s in at least one town in Brittany. Here’s their website:

      I hope you’re able to get the mold where you are. It was in a box with a mini cookbook, as I recall.



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