A holiday weekend puzzle

I thought some of you might like a little puzzle to get the ol’ synapses going after the holiday. This is a photo that I took near my maisonette yesterday morning. Not that that information will help you at all to solve the puzzle….

Here’s the puzzle question:

What is wrong with the photo below?

I encourage guesses as well as confident responses, so don’t be shy. Post your answers as comments and I’ll see who is able to divine/figure out/intuit the correct answer.

The first correct response will receive a prize–a picture postcard of Brittany from yours truly. Chañs vat ! (Good luck!)

The puzzle photo

Skeudennoù goañv / Winter photos

It’s winter, and I’m happy to be on a two-week break from school, and to have my sweetheart J here visiting me.

Here are some pictures from walks we’ve been taking in the neighborhood this week. To see a photo in greater detail, click on it. Enjoy!

More fall pictures / Skeudennoù diskar-amzer muioc’h

Folks seemed to enjoy the pictures, so here are a few more. These pictures I took near the school that I attend. Enjoy!

This was taken on a walk around the lake across the street from school. The lake--in truth, part of an estuary--is called Stang ar Ter.
Another view near the lake. This is a field of buckwheat after the harvest.
Some birds who live at the Stang, including a cormorant who was drying off its wings.
Close-up of a mossy wall at the Stang.

A rundown manor that sits on the hill above the school.

Fall pictures of the neighborhood / Skeudennoù diskar-amzer tost er gêr

Now that the fall is almost over, and cold weather is upon us, it seems the ideal time to share some of my fall photos with you. Here are some photos from my village and a little beyond.

The coast a little west of here, near Kouregant.
An old stone fort, perhaps, located near Kerloeiz, with a new crop growing around it.
A bird on the roof of a stone farmhouse, from photos taken on a bike ride through Kervernoïs.
A defunct tower near my house, called la Tour du Génie. I'll have to find out the story behind it.
Some cows grazing near the Tour du Génie down the street, in Ar Gerveur.
A flower in the heath near the Point du Palud.

Vive Miss Bretagne !

I have to confess that I got a little lump in my throat this morning when I realized that Miss Bretagne (i.e. Miss Brittany) had won the Miss France pageant last night. It just seemed sweet that my region had won.

Apparently, Miss Bretagne hasn’t won the Miss France pageant in quite a few years. The last Miss Bretagne to hold the crown was Miss France 1961–but she was merely a fill-in for the elected Miss France of that year. (I don’t know what the situation was that led to the dethrownment of the elected Miss France that year.) The last–and only other–Miss Bretagne to be elected Miss France was Miss France 1927. That’s, um, 83 years since the French had elected a Miss Bretagne.

Okay, if you check out Wikipedia (my source for this info), they do mention a few others, but those are ethnic Bretons who were elected Miss France, but who represented other regions.

Laury Thilleman henceforth will be known as Miss France 2011. Ms. Thilleman is apparently, among other things, a surfer. I think that in itself makes her appropriate for a representative of this region, which possesses about one-sixth of the national coastline.

This benefits not only Ms. Thilleman, but also the region of Brittany. As I heard someone say today, this raises Brittany’s profile. It also means, I believe, that the next Miss France pageant will be held in Brittany–this will bring in tourist, media, and of course, lots of euros.