Vive Miss Bretagne !

I have to confess that I got a little lump in my throat this morning when I realized that Miss Bretagne (i.e. Miss Brittany) had won the Miss France pageant last night. It just seemed sweet that my region had won.

Apparently, Miss Bretagne hasn’t won the Miss France pageant in quite a few years. The last Miss Bretagne to hold the crown was Miss France 1961–but she was merely a fill-in for the elected Miss France of that year. (I don’t know what the situation was that led to the dethrownment of the elected Miss France that year.) The last–and only other–Miss Bretagne to be elected Miss France was Miss France 1927. That’s, um, 83 years since the French had elected a Miss Bretagne.

Okay, if you check out Wikipedia (my source for this info), they do mention a few others, but those are ethnic Bretons who were elected Miss France, but who represented other regions.

Laury Thilleman henceforth will be known as Miss France 2011. Ms. Thilleman is apparently, among other things, a surfer. I think that in itself makes her appropriate for a representative of this region, which possesses about one-sixth of the national coastline.

This benefits not only Ms. Thilleman, but also the region of Brittany. As I heard someone say today, this raises Brittany’s profile. It also means, I believe, that the next Miss France pageant will be held in Brittany–this will bring in tourist, media, and of course, lots of euros.


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Madeleine Adkins

I'm a linguist and a writer, with a passion for the Breton language, Celtic languages in general, and endangered language communities who engage in revitalization efforts. I've published some articles about the Breton language situation in some academic journals, and I'm planning to publish more in the near future. I spent most of the last decade moving around--first to Santa Barbara (grad school), then Colorado (teaching), and then Brittany (researching the Breton language revitalization movement and improving my Breton speaking skills)--and now I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area. Even though I am living far from Brittany at this point, I still keep in touch with my friends and colleagues in the Breton-speaking world, and I'm still involved in language revitalization issues.

2 thoughts on “Vive Miss Bretagne !”

    1. Wow–I hadn’t heard about this alternate contest, although I kept wondering what the scandal was that they were referring to regarding de Fontenay. Thanks for the link, Britton!
      Since the alternate contest allowed another region to win, I don’t think it’s legit. 🙂

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